Joan Fabian

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DSPS Residency: March 2007 / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

DSPS is an artist-run foundation based in the Katendrecht Neighborhood in Rotterdam the Netherlands.
Our collaborative project involving John Mason in the group, Micro-Phobic lead us to experiment with electronic media and live performance. In addition I did a series of paintings and created ideas for the work I later did for Hyper Dash at REM Gallery the following November. Micro-Phobic performed with the Dutch artist, Pieter Zandvliet twice at BRAVO and once at WORM. They are places where DJ’s, the community and artists come to hear new sounds and meet artists from different places. I play the Vietnamese Mouth Harp, John Mason on Keyboard/vocals with Pieter Zandvliet on vocals and doll shaking. Working and conducting research in the Netherlands has always been a fruitful experience. I find the open nature of fellow artists and musicians there to be refreshing, and a stimulus for constant dialogue. It is where we feel the most creative freedom to explore, be ourselves and encouraged to keep making new and exciting projects.


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